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Where is my order?

As soon as your order has been placed, in the background we are working on processing your order.  To check the status of your order through your UNIQLO account, please see the instructions below.

To check your online order status, you are required to login to your UNIQLO.com account through our UNIQLO website or  UNIQLO App. 


View Order Status on UNIQLO website

Once logged in, click the [MEMBERSHIP] icon on the top banner and choose [ORDER HISTORY]. 


View Order Status on UNIQLO App

You may click [MEMBERSHIP] on the bottom banner and choose [ORDER HISTORY]


Home delivery


You may track the parcel delivery status depending on the carrier used to ship your order. We will email you your tracking information once your order has been shipped from our warehouse.


*Please note that UNIQLO cannot control delivery times as they are directly established by the carrier.


Store pick up


Click & Collect online orders will be delivered to our store from the warehouse. Once the parcel is ready for collection, you will receive the email for pickup and the order status in [ORDER HISTORY] will update as [Ready for pickup].


In order to check the status of your order beginning in (UNU), you may refer to the shipping confirmation email that has been sent to the email address associated with the order. You may also refer to the shipping sites below to track your order:

If your tracking number begins with (92XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) or (5XXXXXXXXXXX), click here
If your tracking number begins with (XLX), click here
If your tracking number begins with (1LSCYNXXXXXXXXX), click here 

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