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What should I do if an item in my order still has the security tag attached?


We are sorry to hear that you received an item that has a security tag attached. If there is a local UNIQLO store near you, we suggest you take the item along with a copy of your Invoice/Order Confirmation to have the security tag removed at the store.

Alternatively, we kindly ask that you return the item back to the warehouse to be processed for a refund. Once the item is received by the warehouse, it will be processed as a return and a refund will be issued. We then suggest that you place a new order for the item.

An Exchange is not available in this situation since you will not be able to request an exchange of the same item in the same color and size. For Exchanges you must select a different size or color of the item for it to be successful.

For more information on How to Return an Online Order, please click here

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us through our Chatbot.

For more information on How to use Chatbot and LiveChat, please click here.


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