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What are UNIQLO Coupons?

Below are the main types of coupons and how to obtain them:
UNIQLO.com offers coupons that can be redeemed:

  • In-Store Only
  • Online + In Store
  • Online Store Only

*Coupons have an expiration date. Please check your UNIQLO coupon wallet for expiration dates. 


New App Download Coupon

Customers who download the UNIQLO app for the first time and register their membership information will receive a coupon.

  User-added image

Online Store Welcome Coupon

Newly registered customers of UNIQLO.com  will receive a WELCOME coupon. 

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Birthday Coupon

Customers who have registered as members at the online store will receive a coupon as a birthday celebration. Customers must have registered their date of birth when completing the Member Registration. 

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