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Shopping Bag Charge Initiative

As part of our commitment to decreasing our consumption and becoming a more sustainable business, we have made important changes to our store operations.We’ve begun phasing out all plastic shopping bags and are now charging $0.10 for paper bags; we then donate $0.05 to our partner charity: water, in hopes that our customers will join our efforts to reduce single-use bags. To incentivize participation, we offer a $0.15 rebate for those who bring in their own bag or purchase one of our reusable cotton tote bags.

Why am I being charged for a bag?

We are committed to creating a sustainable business with respect for the environment and are hoping this change will encourage customers to reduce their use of single-use bags. 


Who is charity:water?

They are a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

How will charity:water use this donation?

All of UNIQLO's donations will fund water projects in Cambodia. 
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