Q. My order did not come with a return label or form; can you send a new one?

To obtain a return label, please click here. Once you enter your order number and *billing* zip code, you'll be able to print out a return label and return form.

Step 1: Go to input your order number and billing address zip code. Then Next.
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Step 2: Select the items you wish to return by clicking on the item image box.

-A window will open prompting you to select the reason for return your item/s. Select reason, click Next.

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Step 3: Select if you are using a prepaid label or carrier of your choice.

- Selecting the prepaid option will take you to file of a return label and form. Both need to be printed, the return form will be place in the package and the return label placed on outside of package.

-Selecting "Use carrier of your choice" will take you to a file for just a return form. 

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Depending on your selection on the last screen you will either have a label and return form (Use a prepaid shipping label option) or just a return form (use carrier of your choice option) pop up. 

Please note: 

If you're returning multiple orders in one package, please be sure to include each individual return form in the package. 

Please include your return form to ensure timely processing.
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