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How do I return my online order

How do I Return my online order?

Table of Contents

Online Order Exchange & Return Policy
Where do I return an online Order?
How to Process Online Returns?
What if I do not have a printer?

Online Order Exchange & Return Policy

If you would like to learn about our online Order Exchange & Return Policy please click here.

Where do I Return my online order?

・All online orders placed on UNIQLO.com that were paid with Pay-In Store option must be returned back to the original UNIQLO Store location where the payment was completed.

・All online orders placed on UNIQLO.com that were paid with Credit/Debit Card/Paypal/Apple pay must be mailed back to the warehouse within 30 days of the Order-Date to be processed for a return and refund.

How to Process Online Returns?

1. Navigate to the Order History page.
2. Find an order which you would like to process a Return for. The button will say “EXCHANGE OR RETURN”.


3Select the item you would like to return and click on the Button “EXCHANGE OR RETURN” next to the item. 
4. Click on the “RETURN” button and then click the “CONTINUE” button.

5. Click an option for the Reason for Return. Click on the “CHECK SELECTION DETAILS” button at the bottom.
6. To proceed with your Return click on the “CHECK FORM DETAILS” button at the bottom of the page. 
7. Click on the “SUBMIT FORM” button. 
8. Click on the “PROCEED TO RETURN” button. You get two options to Print Label or to get the label through QR code.

9. Click on the “CONFIRM RETURN METHOD” button. If you clicked on the “Print Label” option you will need to click on the “DOWNLOAD THE SHIPPING LABEL” button.

10. Change the option for receiving the return label by going back to the Order History page and clicking on the Exchange and Return page then Click on the Details tab at the top and find your return. You will have the option to PRINT LABEL, QR CODE, or CANCEL RETURN.

11. Scroll down to see your Return, its status and return tracking ID. From here you can also reprint labels through the PRINT LABEL or QR CODE option. You can also CANCEL RETURN from here.

What if I do not have a printer?

If you do not have a printer for your return label do not worry! Once you generate our UNIQLO Prepaid return shipping label, FedEx will send you an email from noreply@Fedex.com.
The subject line will read "Your return shipping label from UNIQLO USA LLC is ready."
This email will contain a QR code you can scan at select FedEx locations where they will print out the return label for you.

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

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