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How do I add a coupon to my order?


Coupons are added directly to your account and can be found by logging into your account under your Membership Profile.

Promotions found on third party websites are not always endorsed by UNIQLO and are outside of our control. This may result in the offer being invalid or expired. We will not authorize discounts under these circumstances.

To use a coupon in an Online Order

1) Click the APPLY A COUPON  button on your checkout page

2) Select the coupon from the list of available coupons in your account


3) Click APPLY to use the coupon

4) The order amount will be updated once you are on the payment page.

To use a coupon in an In Store Purchase


<For Self-Checkout>
Please scan your membership barcode located at the checkout and select the coupon to use on the payment screen.

<For staff-friendly cashier>
1) Scan your membership barcode and show the associate which coupon you would like to use.
2) Once ready, click on the REDEEM COUPON option on the right bottom of the UNIQLO app. 



'REDEEM COUPON' button is ONLY for in-store use. 

Once clicked, you will have 60 minutes to use the coupon before it expires. We recommend clicking the 'Redeem' button when you are at the cash register where you can get additional assistance from sales assistants if needed.

We are unable to reimburse any discounts that are not applied correctly during checkout

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