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Coupons (How to Use)

How to Use Coupon - In Store
How to Use Coupon - Online Store


Coupons are added directly to your UNIQLO account and can be found by logging into your account under your Membership Profile.
You must first log in to the United States UNIQLO online website on a PC or UNIQLO App.

▼Click here to learn more about how to Access Coupons

How to Use Coupon - In Store 

At a UNIQLO store, you can redeem coupons via the Self Checkout Kiosk or at a Staff-Friendly Cash Register. Only users who have connected their UNIQLO.com account and UNIQLO app accounts can redeem coupons in-store.

[For Self Checkout]  
Please scan your membership ID at the machine and select the coupon you wish to use on the payment screen.

[For Staff-Friendly Cashier] 
Please present the coupon you wish to use after your membership ID has been scanned.

How to Use Coupon - Online Store 

To apply a coupon to your online order, please follow the instructions below:

 1. Click on "Coupon" on the cart screen or purchase procedure screen.
 2. Select the desired coupon and click "Apply"
 3. Only coupons that meet the purchase requirements can be applied. To view coupon purchase requirements, please access the coupon page and click "Details."

▼Click here to learn more about how to Access Coupon

  • Access Coupon Wallet from Web/Browser

    1. Log into your UNIQLO.com Account

    User-added image
    2. Go to [Coupons] under Membership
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    3. You will now see your Coupon Wallet, you will be able to see Retail Store Coupons and Online Store Coupons
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  • Access Coupon Wallet from UNIQLO App

    1. Open the UNIQLO App and click on Membership icon on bottom right hand corner
    User-added image
    2. Click [Coupons], if you are not logged in a message will display for you to log into your UNIQLO.com Account.
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    3. You will then be able to see all available coupons in your account.
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