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Coupons (How to Use)

How to Use Coupons 



  • Coupons are added directly to your UNIQLO USA account, they can be found under your Membership Profile.
    • For a coupon to be applied to an online order/in-store purchase successfully, the subtotal of the order must be of greater value by at least a $1 of the coupon amount.
      *This is only for coupons that do not already have the minimum limitations listed.*  
      •  You MUST APPLY coupons to purchase both online and in-store. It WILL NOT be automatically applied. 

     **Promotions found on third-party websites are not always endorsed by UNIQLO**

    How to Use Coupon: In-store

    At a UNIQLO store, you can redeem coupons via the Self Checkout Kiosk or at a Staff-Friendly Cash Register. Only users who have connected their UNIQLO.com account and UNIQLO app accounts can redeem coupons in-store.

    [For Self Checkout ] 
             Please scan your membership ID at the machine and select the coupon you wish to use on the payment screen.

    [For Staff-Friendly Cashier ] 
             Please present the coupon you wish to use after your membership ID has been scanned.

    How to Use Coupon: Online

    To apply a coupon to your online order, please follow the instructions below:

     1. Click on "Coupon" on the cart screen or purchase procedure screen.
     2. Select the desired coupon and click "Apply"
     3. Only coupons that meet the purchase requirements can be applied. To view coupon purchase requirements, please access the coupon page and click "Details."


      Commonly Asked Questions
    I forgot to apply my coupon at checkout, can I still have it applied to my order?

    Unfortunately, once an order is placed, we are not able to modify any order details. Customers do have up to 30 mins after order placement to cancel the order and you can apply a coupon on a new order. 

    Will my coupon automatically apply to my order if it meets the requirements?

    No, all coupons that want to be used during either an online or in-store order need to be applied during the checkout process.  

    I had a coupon on my account but now it’s not there, what happened to my coupon?

    Coupons are only valid for a certain amount of time. If the coupon is not showing on your account, it is likely to be expired or already used. All coupon information regarding expiration dates can be found under Details

    I just cancelled my order but I used a coupon, will that coupon still be on my account?

    Yes! Since the order was not completed you can still use your coupon for a future order. 

    I have multiple coupons can I use more than one on my order? 

    Only one coupon can be use per order or in-store purchase

    How do coupons affect my exchange/return request ?

    For Exchanges: The coupon is applied to every item equally, your coupon will not be affected.    
    For Returns: The coupon will lose its value and cannot be replaced when returning an item. A coupon is forfeited once redeemed and cannot be reissued.

    If you return the item and you would like to reorder another size, we cannot reissue the coupon or deduct the discount from your new order. You will only be refunded what you paid for the item after discounts have been applied if discounts are applicable.

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