Q. How can I find out if a particular item is available in store?

To find out if an item you'd like is available in stores, please select the color and size you are looking for on the item page.
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After you have made your selection, scroll down under the “GiftNow” option. Here you will see the “FIND IN STORE” button.
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Once you click this button, you’ll be prompted to enter in your zip code. A list of the stores within 50 miles of your zip code will appear and show you which stores have the item available. It will either show available, low stock or not available. Please Note* Availability may change. Availability at stores is not guaranteed and inventory status is refreshed hourly. 
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If an item is out of stock online, the size and color's that are not available for online purchasing will have a strikethrough and will state "Out of Stock" as shown in the picture below. Please be aware that if you see all sizes and all colors with a strikethrough, it is because there are still items available in some stores and therefore the item page is still visible so that you may use the "Find in Stores" option. 

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