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How do I exchange my online order?

Table of Contents

Online Order Exchange & Return Policy
How to process an Exchange?
Troubleshooting Error Messages during an Exchange
Can I cancel my Exchange?
What if I do not have a printer? 


Online Order Exchange & Return Policy

To learn about our online Order Exchange & Return Policy please click here.

How to process an Exchange?

  1. To start the process for an exchange, please log into your UNIQLO account. You can Log in here.
  2. Click the Membership page and select Order History. You can reach the Membership page by clicking here.
  3. Click on the Order history Option. Order history page can be reached here.
  4. Your recent orders will be in the order history page.  If the order is within the Exchange and Return timeframe (30 days from order date) then a button will appear “EXCHANGE OR RETURN” option will show. The button will not appear if; the order is past 30 days from the order date, altered in any way, and/or labeled as “final sale.”
  5. Click on the “EXCHANGE OR RETURN” option where all items from the order will be displayed. [Before proceeding with your exchange, we highly recommend reading our exchange and return policy]. Select the item you would like to exchange, click on the “EXCHANGE OR RETURN” button, then select the “EXCHANGE” option.
  6. Then click on the “EXCHANGE FOR A DIFFERENT COLOR / SIZE” button
  7. Select the reason for Exchange and then click the “CONTINUE” button.
  8. Select the color and size of the item you would like to Exchange the item for. Confirm quantity if more than a single quantity was purchased originally.
  10. Scroll down the page and click the “CHECK FORM DETAILS” button.
  11. Confirm your Delivery address and Payment Information. To process an exchange you must enter your credit card information before submitting the form. 
  12. Finally, once the submit form button has been selected, we will begin working hard on your exchange and we ask that you please return the item(s) you want to exchange using the provided return label. Once the exchanged item is returned to the warehouse, we will provide you with a refund to the payment provided in the order. 

Please note: 
  • The price for the Exchange order will be applied based on the original order price. 

Troubleshooting Errors During Exchange Process

  1. If the Exchange or Return button is not displayed on the Exchange or Return page it may be due to the following reasons:
  • Non-returnable items cannot be exchanged or returned, such as innerwear and masks.
  • Item(s) that exceed past the deadline for the exchange/return application. 30 day exchange/return time frame passed
  • Item(s) that have gone through Alterations cannot be exchanged.
  • Paid at Store 

Additional Reasons Exchange or Return Button is not displayed:

  • Items that were Exchanged once may not be Exchanged or Returned again.
  • Items that were purchased through multibuy if any of the items were selected to be Exchanged or Returned then the option to request additional Exchange or Return for the order will not be available. The multi-buy items of the same bundle can be exchanged or returned only once at the same time. All items must be selected for exchange or return, otherwise the exchange or return of other items will not be possible.
  • In case the item is out of stock the exchange option will still be visible however the item will show up as out of stock in different sizes and colors. In this case you can only return the item as long as it follows the Exchange / Return policy.

Special Situations:

  • Cannot exchange an item that was purchased through a gift service. If you received an item as a gift and would like to exchange or return please reach out to the gifter to process the exchange or return using their Uniqlo Account. If you have a gift receipt you may go to a nearby Uniqlo store and request for an exchange if the store has inventory. 
  • If you change your mind on your exchanged item and are no longer able to cancel your exchange order. Please reach out to customer service for a new return label to return the exchange order item.

Can I Cancel my Exchange?

You are able to cancel your Exchange request within the first 30 minutes after completing the exchange application.

  1. To cancel your exchange go to the order history page.
  2. Locate the order you requested an exchange for and click on the EXCHANGE OR RETURN button next to the order.
  3. On the top click on the “DETAILS” tab.
  4. Scroll down and locate your Exchange order.
  5. There should be an option to cancel your exchange order. If the option is not available it means the order has past 30 minutes and can no longer be canceled.

What if I do not have a printer?

If you do not have a printer for your return label do not worry! Once you generate our UNIQLO Prepaid return shipping label, FedEx will send you an email from noreply@Fedex.com.

The subject line will read "Your return shipping label from UNIQLO USA LLC is ready."

This email will contain a QR code you can scan at a select FedEx location where they will print out the return label for you.

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