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Email Address Verification

To ensure the safe use of our online store, UNIQLO will need to verify your email address.


If you are an online store member who has not verified your email address, we ask you to verify your email address when you log in after March 23, 2022. Once verified, you will be able to log in as usual  


Verification procedure


1. Log in via the UNIQLO.com Log In Page

2. Press "Send verification code". A verification code will be sent to the email address displayed on the screen. The code expires within 30 minutes after pressing "Send verification code".

3. Enter the verification code. Enter the 6-digit verification code in the email you received and press "Confirm verification code".

◉ If you have registered with an email address that you are not currently using and cannot receive the verification code, please change to an email address you use often, under "Change email address" and confirm the verification.


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