Beware of emails, SMS, websites, etc. pretending to be from UNIQLO

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Things to Note

  • If you receive a suspicious email, SMS, or SNS message, please refrain from the following actions.
    ・Accessing the URL described in the email, SMS, or SNS message
    ・Opening attachments
    ・Reply/Answer questionnaires 
    ・Replying to messages
    ・Forwarding Messages
    ・Calling the phone number listed in the email, SMS, or SNS Message

    Also, please delete suspicious emails and messages, mark them as spam, block sender account, etc.

  • If you place an order through a Fake website, you may run into problems such as not receiving the product or receiving a counterfeit product. Please check the address displayed in your browser to see if you can access the UNIQLO official website. Please find the details below.  
  • If you find any suspicious website or e-mail, please contact us at [Contact Us] at the bottom of the page.

How to identify Fake websites, Fake emails, and Fake accounts

【Fake Websites】

The correct address of the UNIQLO USA official website is[

Please note that the imitation sites have different domains such as[www.●●●]and [www.uniqlo●●●●●.com]. 

Characteristics of counterfeit sites
・Contact phone number is not listed.
・The bank account name does not match the operating company.
・The contact address is a free email address.
・The prices of all products are extremely low.


If you receive a suspicious email, please check the sender and see if it is from UNIQLO.
The email address sent from UNIQLO is [About email settings] Please confirm.

Characteristics of counterfeit addresses
・In front of @, alphabets with no meaning are randomly listed.

・Different alphabets such as "uniqlo" to "unlqio" by quoting UNIQLO's domain as below.
E.g. ●●●●●●

【SNS Account】

Official accounts have the following verification badge displayed next to the account name. Badges will not be displayed on fake accounts.

  • Uniqlo USA official Instagram account
  • UNIQLO USA official Facebook account User-added image
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