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Alterations for In-Store Purchases

Alterations for In-Store Purchases

Alteration services are available for select UNIQLO jeans and pants. We can shorten the pants length only. Once the pants are altered, they cannot be lengthened further and cannot be altered back to their original length. Some stitch options will not be available depending on pants type.
*Price before tax
Please click here to learn more about available alterations.
  • Cut-off Stitch
  • A hem created by cutting the pants to the selected inseam without folding. This provides unique fraying that may continue to fray after washing and wearing. Please trim the frayed threads to your liking.
  • Visible (Lock) Stitch
  • A standard method that uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior sides of the pants.
  • Depending on the length hemmed, traces of removed stitching may remain. In addition, distressed items will lose the distressing effect on the stitched sections.
  • Hidden (Blind) Stitch
  • Nearly invisible stitching for a neat look. The hem is folded once and finished with a stitch that is almost invisible on the outer side of the pants. Recommended for formal and business wear.
  • Chain Stitch
  • A classic and traditional stitch commonly used to hem denim and jeans. Made with a chain-style stitch on the inner side and a straight stitch on the outer side of the pants with a double folded hem.
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Where can I get my UNIQLO items altered?

You can visit any UNIQLO store for our alteration services.

What alteration services do you offer?

We offer Visible (Lock) stitch and Hidden (Blind) stitch alterations for UNIQLO pants and jeans at all our UNIQLO store locations.

How long do I have to claim my altered items?

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to claim your altered items. After 90 days, unclaimed merchandise will be donated to our RE.UNIQLO program for reuse or recycling. Alteration fees are non-refundable.
How to Request Alterations In-Store: At Self Checkout

1. Select “Start”
2.  Click either “Yes” or “No” to the prompt ‘Do you have the UNIQLO APP?”
3. Place items in the RFID area to be scanned and totaled
     - Identify the bottoms to be altered 
     - Select the stitch type and fee 
4. Click “Next”
5. Count the “Number of Scanned Items” shown on screen, then click “Confirm”
6. Selects whether shopping bags are required
7. Select payment of choice either “Credit Card” or “Gift Card”
8. Pay at terminal and finalize payment
9. Collect (1) receipt (2) alteration receipt - store copy (3) alteration slip - customer copy from printer
10. Call for assistance, the self checkout hosts (SCO) will fill out the (2) alteration receipt & (3) slip
11. Take receipts and reconfirm the pickup time with cashier 

How to Request Alterations In-Store: At Cashier Checkout

1. Proceed to the cashier area and check out items for purchase
2. Inform the cashier which pants are pinned or state the requested length for pants to be altered 
3. Request the stitch type and confirm the alteration fee if applicable 
4. Pay at the cashier 
5. Confirm the pickup time for finished alterations 
6. Provide the requested length, stitch type, and contact information
7. Take receipts and reconfirm the pickup time with cashier 

- Requested length - “as pinned” or “x inches”
- Stitch type - lock (normal) stitch, blind (hidden) stitch
- Pick up date (i.e. 10/29 @ 2PM)
- Customer information (store copy) - name and telephone number

What types of pants and bottoms can be altered?

Only selected pants can be altered. Due to material or pants styles, some pants cannot be altered. We do not offer alterations on shorts. Please ask a store associate for details.

Will my altered pants look the same with the original hem?

Unfortunately, we only offer shortening alterations for selected pants; the altered hem will not have the original finish for denim or selected pants with unique features. Bottoms with a tapered or flare design may lose this feature if more than 4 inches are removed. Please ask a store associate for details.

Do I need to have my pants pinned?

If you do not know what length you would like your jeans/pants altered to: You can try them on in our store fitting rooms and have one of our staff members pin them for you at your desired length. It is advised that you wear shoes during the pinning to get a better idea of the length.

If you know exactly what length you would like your jeans/pants altered to: You can inform our staff member your desired length at the cash wrap area when they issue you the alteration slip.


How long will I have to wait for an alteration in store?

Time may vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer same day service when we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alterations a store has to do within a day. Kindly check with a staff member on how long it will take for your alteration to be done.

How long will I have to pick-up my altered items from store?
Altered items must be picked up within 90 days of purchase.
Altered merchandise not claimed within 90 days of purchase will be donated to the RE.UNIQLO program to be reused/recycled. UNIQLO assumes no responsibility for unclaimed merchandise. Alteration fees are non-refundable.


Can I have previously purchased UNIQLO pants & jeans (including items bought online) altered?

Yes, selected previously purchased UNIQLO pants from any country can still qualify for our alteration services. Please bring your pants and your original receipt to any UNIQLO location.
*Without a receipt, we may charge an alteration fee starting at $5 per pant based on the current selling price.
*If worn, all items must be washed and cleaned.
*Please note that soiled or dirty pants and pants with strong odors will not be accepted.
*Please note if the pants are from a discontinued style, we may not be able to match the original thread color or replace the pants if there are any alteration issues.
*Each store management reserves the right to accept the pants based on the criteria above.

Can I request a return or exchange for altered pants?

Products that have been altered are not eligible for return or exchange.
Please Note: Alteration are non-refundable
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