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Airism Mask release and information

AIRism Masks are now available here! AIRism Mask purchases are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged, see below for further details on returns of AIRism Mask.


What are the protective/functional features of the AIRism Face Mask?


The AIRism Face Mask is composed of three unique layers of protection. The outermost layer offers UV protection of UPF 40 while the middle layer functions as a filter. The innermost layer is made of our smooth AIRism material which stays cool and feels smooth against your skin for long-lasting comfort.



How can I care for my AIRism Face Mask?


We designed the AIRism Face Mask to be reusable to minimize environmental impact. We also wanted to make it convenient to wash, so it’s safe to run through your washing machine with regular household detergent. Washing your mask will not reduce its effectiveness — we have put it to the test to ensure that washing does not damage the filter or UV protection functionality.


How does the AIRism Face Mask compare with other fabric masks?


Our masks are designed to be more practical and comfortable than a standard cotton mask. The AIRism layer is more breathable and less restrictive-feeling than cotton, so especially in warmer weather, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing this mask for extended periods of time. AIRism fabric is also self-deodorizing so it stays fresher longer and is less likely to irritate your face and neck.


Am I able to return my AIRism Face Masks?


We are able to accept AIRism Face Masks after purchase with a few exceptions. We cannot accept any masks that have been opened from their packaging for health and safety reasons. This also means we cannot accept individual masks from the three-pack. Please examine your masks as best you can in the packaging upon receiving. If you notice any damage or flaw in the masks before opening, we will accept your masks as a return.


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