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How To Use AIRism UV Cut Mesh 3-Way Blanket

The AIRism UV Cut Mesh 3WAY Blanket can be attached to a baby carrier or stroller and used as a sunshade blanket with UV protection or as a nursing covers.

*This product does not come with baby carrier.


How to Use


Attached to The Baby Carrier


User-added image

1) Use as baby carrier blanket.
2) Simply attach the blanket to the baby carrier's shoulder straps (yellow button snaps together)*.
3) Pass the strap through the baby carrier's shoulder strap and fasten it with the snap button.
4) Fold up the blanket to cover the baby's toes. Adjust the snap button position accordingly as the baby grow.

*This product has not been tested to work with all baby carriers.



Attached to the Stroller


User-added image

1) For baby stroller as blanket.
2) Simply attach the blanket to the stroller frame (yellow button snaps together)*.
3) Remove the hood or fix it with the snap button so it doesn't get in the way.

*This product had not been tested to work with all strollers.



For Nursing Covers


User-added image


1) For nursing covers.
2) Make a loop on one side of the string (white button snaps together).
3) Pass the other string through the loop and fasten it (white button snaps together).
4) Make a loop on one side of the string, pass the other string through the loop then snap the button.





• When using this product always correctly attach it to the baby carrier or stroller body and make sure a guardian/parent is watching.
• When attaching this product to a stroller, please be careful the product does not get caught in the wheels.
• Use caution so the cords do not get wrapped around baby's neck.
• Please be careful that this product does not cover baby's mouth or nose.
• Do not use this product when baby is facing out in a carrier, as this can unintentionally lead to the blanket covering a baby's mouth or nose.
• Please be careful that baby's finger or hair do not get caught in the snap buttons.
• Keep this product away from fire.
• Do not use this product for any other purpose, as this can cause unexpected accidents.


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