UNIQLO USA Roger Federer Signed Cap Giveaway FAQs

UNIQLO USA Roger Federer Signed Cap Giveaway -- FAQ


Q) How do I enter the Giveaway? 

A) All app holders who have push notifications turned ON and a linked online account at the close of the giveaway (5PM on 2/27/2023) are eligible to win. 


Q) How do I turn on Push notifications? 

A) From the app homescreen, tap Membership, tap Settings, tap Notifications, tap Push Notification Settings (must be turned to ‘Allow Notifications’ on your mobile device under General App Settings in order to receive notifications). Messages inbox must be toggled ON. 


Q) How do I link my online account to my App account? 

A) To link your online and app accounts, enter the criteria (email and password) used to register your online shopping account at uniqlo.com into your app login. Email address must be registered with online account. 


Q) How will I know if I won the Giveaway? 

A) Two (2) winners will be selected by UNIQLO USA on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Winners will be notified by email at which time their mailing address will be requested. A valid mailing address must be provided in order to receive the Giveaway prize. 


Q) What if I win the Giveaway but do not want the cap? 

A) Please inform the UNIQLO USA staff when they reach out to you by email (see above question). 

Q) Am I permitted to select my Giveaway prize?
A) No - the products being awarded as prizes are identical Commemorative RF Caps, size-adjustable. 

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