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Paypal & Venmo In-Store Only Offer

PayPal/Venmo $10 Off Campaign In Store Only

Get $10 off your In Store purchase of $50+ if you use the special in store coupon and pay via PayPal/Venmo QR Code. 

[Please Note] The coupon can be found by scanning the special offer QR Code which will be displayed throughout the UNIQLO store location. 

This offer will be valid starting In ALL of our Stores on Friday, 4/8 until Sunday, 4/17. Applicable to first 5,000 redemptions.




Can customers get this offer at self-checkout? 

No, this offer is only eligible at cashier-operated registers as the CitCon app will need to be used to complete the transaction.

Can employees redeem this coupon? 

NO – employees are NOT allowed to use this coupon.


Can you apply the coupon to online purchases?

No, this is only valid for in-store purchases.


How long is this campaign running for? 

The campaign will be valid from 4/8 - 4/17.


Can you use the coupon on both PayPal and Venmo? 

Yes, technically, a customer can redeem this coupon twice, i.e. once with PayPal, once with Venmo.


Can this offer be applied retroactively after a payment has already been made?

No, this offer is only valid if the QR code for the offer was scanned and the necessary steps have been taken before the purchase.


What happens when I return the item? 

The amount will be paid back to the customer’s credit card/bank account/PayPal or Venmo balance, whichever they used to pay that amount. If the return is made within the offer period (before EOD 4/17), then the user will also see the $10 offer re-activated in their account.

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