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2023 Black Friday Gift With Purchase (HEATTECH Socks)


Black Friday - Gift with Purchase FAQ 


Receive a FREE pair of HEATTECH socks with $99+ purchases from Friday 11/24 - Sunday 11/26 online starting at 9AM ET, and in stores after opening. Limit 1 per customer per day*
*Available only while supplies last

How does my purchase qualify for the FREE pair of HEATTECH socks?

To qualify, you just need to complete a purchase of $99+ (excluding tax and shipping) while supplies last.

What size are the FREE HEATTECH socks?

The FREE pair of HEATTECH socks is ONE SIZE - US Men Size (Shoe size 9-13 | 10.5" - 11.5")

What is the promotion period for this event?

This Gift with Purchase promotion will take place on 11/24 through 11/26, while supplies last.

Do I have to add the FREE HEATTECH socks to my cart/order? 

You do not need to add the item and it will not be automatically added to your cart.
You will have a chance to receive the item as long as your order is over $99+ and it is placed while supplies last.
*The item will not show up in the order history.

How will I know if I am receiving the FREE HEATTECH socks?

Once your order has Shipped from our warehouse you will be able to see the "VIEW INVOICE" button.
You can view if the FREE Gift was included along with your items as it will appear between the Purchase Items and Payment Summary sections.
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Can I return or exchange the Gift with Purchase?

This free gift cannot be returned or exchanged for another color

Can I use a coupon and still receive the free gift with the purchase item? 

You may use a coupon with your order. However, please note that if the order value falls below $99 before tax and shipping, you will not receive the free Gift with Purchase item. 

For example: 
If your order value (before tax and shipping) is $99 and you use a $10 off coupon, your order total will fall to $89. You will not be able to receive the free gift. However, if your order total is $109 and you use a $10 off coupon, your total will fall to $99. This will allow your order to be qualified to receive the free Gift with Purchase item.

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