Q. App Member Free Style Program

How do I join this program? 

Download the UNIQLO app, link the app to your account, and opt-in to receive emails from UNIQLO. Periodically throughout the year we invite new members, and by completing these steps you be guaranteed an invite in the next wave.  Your invitation to join the program will come via an email from

How often will I receive free styles? 

Free styles are allotted based on the total number of app members who join the program, as well as the answers you provide during the account setup process. The more complete your account information, the more likely you will be selected to receive free styles. 

What styles are included in this program? 

Every new style we launch is included in this program: all collaboration items, higher-priced items like outerwear, and our lower-priced items like socks or innerwear. 

Why does this program exist? 

We value customer feedback about our products and so do your fellow LifeWear enthusiasts. This program allows our UNIQLO app members to provide helpful feedback on products so fellow consumers can make better-informed purchasing decisions. 

How will the information I provide UNIQLO USA, LLC through this program be used? 

The UNIQLO USA, LLC Privacy Policy applies to your participation in this program and describes our practices regarding collection and use of personal information. 

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